Digital ICH Observatory

e-Inventories of Intangible Cultural Heritage

The Digital ICH Observatory aims to produce, organise and analyse information about e-Inventories of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH). A network to share knowledge and practices about ICH that is on the web.

The Digital ICH Observatory is an output of the project DCHPII - Digital Cultural Heritage: Platforms and Inventories of the Intangible.

The DCHPII project focuses on the following questions: What is an ICH e-Inventory? What are its objectives? Who should undertake it? What should include and with what methodological and technical approaches?

The definition of “ICH e-inventory” adopted by the project includes online published inventories, in open access and about ICH: "oral traditions and expressions; performing arts; social practices, rituals and festive events; knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe; traditional craftsmanship" (UNESCO, 2003, no.2, art.2). An important subject to study, since the presence of these inventories on the web has increased over the last 10 years (result of the implementation of the 2003 UNESCO Convention and the evolution of technological and digital resources).

The Digital ICH Observatory is a website that serves the DCHPII project but goes beyond it. Its mission is:

• Identifying and mapping ICH e-Inventories;
• Analysing the structure, multimedia resources and interfaces of the ICH e-Inventories;
• Making comparative studies;
• Doing research on participatory methodologies;
• Sharing scientific works on Digital ICH;
• Sharing good practices;
• Promoting a network of cooperation and communication among Digital ICH stakeholders.

Photo © Memória Imaterial

DCHPII project is supported by the FCT – Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology [IF/00725/2015/CP1281/CT0001]