The IREPI - Quebec

The IREPI - Inventory of Ethnological Resources of the Intangible Heritage - is an online project started in 2003 by the LEEM - Laboratoire d'Enquête Ethnologique et Multimédia of the University of Laval (Quebec).

IREPI identifies, documents and seeks to increase knowledge on the intangible cultural heritage diversity of the Quebec region.

Based on action research methodologies, communities are encouraged to participate in inventorying, capacity building and cultural activities (e.g. training, conferences, newspaper articles, festivities, temporary exhibitions, television programs or the community’s radio) contributing to the valuation of their cultural practices and local development.

The vast heritage inventoried can be searched by keywords, map, type of heritage, type of practice and multimedia resources.

In addition to IREPI, LEEM develops other inventory projects: the Inventory of Intangible Religious Heritage of Québec or the Inventory of Intangible Heritage of Haiti.

Photo © IREPI (website details edited)

Immaterieelerfgoed - Flanders inventory

The Immaterieelerfgoed inventory is the official e-inventory of the Belgium region of Flanders. Organized by the Cultural Heritage Division - Flemish Community / Workshop intangible heritage Flanders, this ICH inventory covers a large amount of different cultural elements, framed by the 2003 UNESCO Convention.

You can do three main things on Flanders inventory website: explore Flanders ICH, get inspired by different ICH projects and be connected with the regional, national and worldwide ICH actuality.

You are also motived to get involved on ICH safeguarding. Users are encouraged to ask for help, pass on their ICH knowledge and submit or document ICH.

Inspiring examples of participatory methodologies are presented, like the WORLDCAFE (brainstorming actions) and different kinds of region cooperation.

Helped by google translation tools, searching Flanders ICH in this platform guarantee a good informative and visual experience.

Photo © Immaterieelerfgoed

Italy and Switzerland
Intangible Search - Alpine region

Intangible Search is an online inventory of the Alpine region. With a cross-border approach and accessible in 4 languages, the Intangible Search covers cultural expressions of countries along the Alps – especial Italy and Switzerland, but also Austria, France, Germany and Slovenia.

Based on the recommendations and Operational Directives of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (2003), Intangible Search offers different ways to access and explore the ICH elements - by category, territory (country/map), keywords and ICH community, group or individual.

Each ICH element is classified and documented by an informative, visual and dynamic framing – which includes descriptive text, videos and photographs, categories, keywords/tags, geographic location (map), dates of publishing and updates, editors, supervisors, informants, external links and bibliography.

On each ICH page/element, users are invited to contribute with related information through a form.

The Intangible Search is a result of the collaboration established between the Region of Lombardy and the partners of the E.CH.I. project - Swiss-Italian Ethnographies for the enhancement of the intangible heritage - Italy-Switzerland Programme 2007-2013.

Photo © Intangible Search (website details edited)

Sahapedia - India

Sahapedia is an online resource about arts, cultures and heritage in India (beta version in April 2019). It is a non-profit collaborative project that collects stories and knowledge shared by state institutions, universities and NGOs, using digital media.

In order to engage a broad public, Sahapedia presents itself as “an open encyclopedic resource” that “offers digital content in multimedia format—articles and books, photo essays and video, interviews and oral histories, maps and timelines, authored by scholars and curated by experts”.

In a creative and appealing way, the user is invited to explore the content by different domains – knowledge traditions, practices and rituals, people, performing arts, natural environment, etc.

As we can read on the site: “‘Saha’, Sanskrit for ‘together with’, is an invitation to explore together the richness of our cultural landscapes”.

Photo © Sahapedia (website details edited)

Audiovisual Map - Peru

The Peruvian Intangible Cultural Heritage, managed by the Ministry of Culture of Peru, is an online and interactive tool, with geolocation of the cultural expressions on the country map.

Through this map the user can randomly explore the ICH elements or search by different resources: audiovisual; oral records; musical instruments; books or practitioners.

This tool, besides providing Peruvian ICH information in a written document format (with the possibility of downloading), also makes available audio, photographic and audiovisual documents.

Photo © Audiovisual Map Peru (website details edited)

Find Inspiration consulting different e-inventories, projects, entities and videos.
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