TONGPAENG, Yootthapong; NANTAPATSARAN, Khanischaya; SUREEPHONG, Pradorn
Interpreting thai laban notation into ThaiDanceXML
In South East Asia, performing arts is a rich intangible cultural heritage such as Thai dance which is a living traditional art form listed by UNESCO. Using technology in today's world to preserve such living tradition can be helpful. However, in Thai dance, there have been issues on the ability to translate the human understanding and perception of Thai dance movements to digital information such as video recording without losing details. Contrasting, The Labanotation system is one of the many Dance Notation Systems. Labanotation is a human-readable document which records every possible human movement. Hence, to provide accurate machine-readable information to represent the Thai dance movement in 3D Animation, this paper will focus on the interpretation of Thai dance notation scores into machine-readable information using Extensible Markup Language (XML), mainly emphasizing on the hand and finger movements called "ThaiDanceXML".
XML, art, computer animation, history, 3D animation, Dance Notation Systems, Labanotation system, South East Asia, Thai dance movement, Thai dance notation scores, Thai laban
Bibliographic reference
TONGPAENG, Yootthapong; NANTAPATSARAN, Khanischaya; SUREEPHONG, Pradorn (2018) "Interpreting thai laban notation into ThaiDanceXML". In 2018 International Conference on Digital Arts, Media and Technology (ICDAMT), Phayao, 2018. 173-178. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10/07/2018]