Conference article
TONGPAENG, Yootthapong; MAPHON, Pacharida; SUREEPHONG, Pradorn
Improving ThaiLabanXML Standard for the Automatic Thai Laban Drag & Drop System
Thai dance has a long history in Southeast Asia. Preserving Intangible Cultural Heritage is a challenging task that requires the use of a combination of technologies to record and represent the dance as a three-dimensional human figure. The Labanotation System had been used to record many kinds of dances such as the Thai dance. To represent the Thai dance as a 3D animation based on Thai Laban Scores, the first version of ThaiDanceXML standard was developed to convert the data manually from Human-Readable data to Machine-Readable data. There are some issues occurred such as the human error regarding reading Thai Laban scores and writing ThaiLabanXML. Hence, a Thai Laban Drag & Drop system has been created to reduce such issues and to assist the notator to write Laban scores by displaying the movements in a 3D human figure animation. Therefore, a new version of the ThaiLabanXML standard must be improved to support the Thai Laban Drag & Drop system. This paper is focusing on improving the ThaiLabanXML standard to support the automatic Thai Laban Drag & Drop system in order to write Thai Laban scores and represent the Thai dance movement in 3D animation.
Thai dance, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Labanotation System, ThaiLabanXML standard, Thai Laban Drag & Drop system
Bibliographic reference
TONGPAENG, Yootthapong, MAPHON, Pacharida; SUREEPHONG, Pradorn (2019) "Improving ThaiLabanXML Standard for the Automatic Thai Laban Drag & Drop System" In '2019 Joint International Conference on Digital Arts, Media and Technology with ECTI Northern Section Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering (ECTI DAMT-NCON)' , 30 Jan.-2 Feb. 2019, Nan, Thailand. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30/05/2019]