Book chapter
SALERNO, Rossella
Digital Technologies for “Minor” Cultural Landscapes Knowledge: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
The chapter aims to point out the most emerging technologies in analysing and sharing knowledge about ‘not outstanding' cultural landscapes. Therefore the chapter starts focusing on the concept of ‘minor' cultural landscapes in the wider debate on heritage, then shows the changing approach to the question: the relevance of bottom-up vision in considering heritage. Secondly are taken into account image and information technologies through some definite research topics: Educating by multimedia; Experiencing and sharing new contents by people; Transmitting local heritage; Using image and information technologies to share collective experiences of places; Answering demand for social participation and free access to sources; Connecting tangible and intangible heritage in a tourist perspective. The goal of the chapter is to show how digital technologies can support knowledge and share of values about ‘minor' cultural landscapes both through inhabitants and potential tourists to be attracted to.
‘minor’ cultural landscapes, heritage digitisation, tangible and intangible heritage, transmission of local heritage, Information and Communication Technologies, cultural tourism
Bibliographic reference
SALERNO, Rossella (2019) "Digital Technologies for “Minor” Cultural Landscapes Knowledge: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications", In book: Geospatial Intelligence, pp.1645-1670. Available at:[Accessed 30/05/2019]